Sydney, Surry Hills

Wednesday – Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Next Beginners Course: Tai Chi & Qi Gong
19th July ~ Wednesday, 6.45pm - 8.00pm
$135 for the 9 week course
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Surry Hills
Crown Street Public School, 356 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(Located conveniently near Crown Street, Oxford Street, Taylor Square, Museum Station, and Hyde Park.)
rail: Museum Station, Central Station
bus: 301, 303, 311, 333, 352, 373, 377,378, 380, 392, 394, 396, 397, 399, M10, M40

6.45pm - 8.00pm (Beginners Tai Chi & Qi Gong)

Private Tuition: All our teachers can provide private tuition.

Please note that classes are not drop-in classes, be sure to speak to the teacher first before turning up at a new class. Our teachers will be happy to help with any enquiries.

Sydney Classes

Mei Quan Tai Chi

Tai Chi & Qi Gong for beginners and intermediate level students.

Why practise Tai Chi?

There are many reasons, which are almost always different for many people. Popular benefits as a result of practicing Tai Chi include:

  • Becoming calmer and more grounded
  • To gather and increase one’s ‘life energy’
  • To find a way to be more meditative and reflective, as a result of connecting the often missing harmony between the ‘body, mind and spirit’
  • To increase one’s confidence
  • To improve one’s fitness in a way that feels more fulfilling and complete than lots of other exercises or sports
  • To experience something that is a holistic combination of fitness, spirituality, culture, and martial art
  • To enjoy an activity that is inherently social - but not necessarily competitive!

One of the unique and less discovered aspects of Tai Chi is that it is restorative. Unlike so many exercises in life, which put us in the mindset of doing things ‘less bad’ (e.g. reducing body fat, or trying to be less stressed, or feeling less ill), the practice of Tai Chi gives us the opportunity to do good. For many people, the exercises that they learn in these classes help them go beyond repairing what is broken.

Mei Quan Tai Chi

Material taught includes:

  • The famous Beijing 24-step short form
  • Qi gong (beginners & intermediate) exercises
  • Partner Exercises
  • Warm-ups, conditioning, Basic stepping and Stance
  • What are Mei Quan classes like?

    In a nutshell, classes are friendly, relaxing, and fun, where people from all walks of life who come to Tai Chi for all kinds of reasons, meet. This is why since it was established in 1990, Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi is now the largest Tai Chi School in London, and has branches in Sydney and Tokyo. We have many passionate teachers to inspire and guide the beginner as they start (and continue) their Tai Chi journey.

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